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by Devory Silberman, director of CoachPro Academy.




Hire a Coach

CoachPro’s certified coaches span a wide range of specialties including life, parenting, and business coaching. Find a coach today and learn why clients from around the globe trust CoachPro for professional coaching and real results.


Coach Training

Begin a dynamic career as an Adler-Certified coach and make a difference in countless lives every single day. CoachPro Academy has successfully trained hundreds of accredited coaches worldwide who are now practicing professionally.


Mentor Coaching

With our group mentoring program, accredited coaches collaborate and share researched and practiced strategies. Experienced facilitators guide our group sessions to enlighten and empower. 



Coaching is a revolutionary career of inspiring and empowering others. As a coach, you will transform lives by teaching others to maximize their personal and professional potential. Our team of extensively experienced facilitators is led by Devory Silberman, founder and director of CoachPro Academy. We provide rich experiential learning in proven coaching techniques, making us the leader in coach training.


Our courses are based on Alfred Adler’s theories of human change that have been proven successful for over a century. These methods can be adapted to any area of coaching, including Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Parenting Coaching, and more. Find your unique style and voice as a coach today!


Find out more about our in-person workshops on parenting, subconscious reconditioning, and more.

Classes are offered in the Brooklyn, New York area by
Devory Silberman, founder of CoachPro Academy.


I absolutely loved every minute of this coach training experience! I got the opportunity to learn so much about myself and then use that learning to continue spreading light to my clients! The material is taught in such a eloquent way that the most intriguing concepts are understood clearly and deeply!

C. S.


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