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Would you like to have delightful and fulfilling relationships?
Elevate was created with you in mind. 
Join us and watch your relationships thrive. 

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The deep emotional wisdom of your Heart is “caught, not taught”.  The live classes will give you the experience of feeling what blocks your perfect relationships - and teach you to let those feelings dissolve to allow the harmony we all desire.  Classes are on Tuesdays 10:30 am to 11:45 via phone or Zoom.

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Join practice calls that will give you even more time to uncover and “Release” the negative emotions that cause so many problems with your relationships and health. Phone/zoom sessions are led by our professional coaches on THURSDAYS at 10:30am-11:30am.

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classes will be recorded and uploaded to our phone line within 24 hours and be available for the duration of the course. In addition, we will upload professional meditations and other materials to support you. 

About the ELEVATE workshop

You will learn what emotional intelligence really is. Most programs don't fully work with emotions. We dive right into them and treat them as treasures to make life richer and happier. 

I will teach you how to become friends with emotions instead of emotions being your enemies. 


  • Get through challenging emotions. 

  • Heal challenging relationships.

  • Become more powerful in terms of getting what you want.

  • Enhance your power while empowering those you interact with. 

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This course is a live course our exploration will be dynamic and uniquely responsive to your questions, insights, and experience.  
The beauty of this is that your interests, learning, and inquiries will be relevant and immediately applicable to your relationship life.  


CLASS STRUCTURE ( This may change based on student experiences) CLASS 1: Learn how to use the power of your heart to heal negative emotions. and negative patterns. This makes fulfilling your goals much easier and more fun. CLASS 2 & 3: How to stop your mind from spinning with thoughts. Instead, find answers that are true for you. The power of gratitude and how to sweeten your life using this power. How to let go of disapproving of yourself e.g. I should've done this. Why did I do that? etc. Disapproving of ourselves doesn’t really work. Why not love yourself instead?. This is the key to accessing the deep wisdom of your heart and quieting your mind CLASS 4: The three wants or patterns that constantly trip us up and get us into trouble. Simple techniques to let go of those three patterns that run our lives - until we learn how to work with them. CLASS 5: How to deal with resistance/pushback that comes up in any situation. We will learn how to handle doubts and fears, and how to transform challenging relationships for everyone’s benefit. Plus: How to heal challenging relationships and take good relationship to next level. Have you ever tried to change or fix the other person? How well did that work? We’ll cover why this doesn’t work - and experience what does work. CLASS 6: Techniques to rise up on the vibrational scale and move from a place of powerlessness to a place of love, joy, and gratitude. CLASS 7: Healing the wounds of our Hearts. How to gently approach the wounds of the heart so that you can get in touch with the wholeness of the heart that is true love. CLASS 8: Experience the power of Surrender and connecting to Hashem. How to be naturally humble and why this is the most powerful place to live life. CLASS 9: A class to review and go even deeper in this emotional mastery. CLASS 10: Going all the way - fulfilling the deep desires of your heart. “This work is extraordinary and has completely changed my life. I'm sure it will change your life as well.” Devory Silberman


I had a huge ‘aha’  when I saw how wanting power and control is causing so much drama. I released the need to try to get other people’s approval and find it from within. somehow this also led to a huge shift with my eating issue. My body has literally released this habit from deep inside.

I’m much more comfortable in my body and less emotionally reactive. I am feeling great.

C. S.

What's Next?

If you resonate with the intentions of this course and feel called to have a transformative shift in your relationships, we’d love for you to join us.

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